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Max & Laura Braun

Weder weiß ich ob und wie man einen Tumblr Eintrag bei WordPress rebloggen kann, noch kann ich schöner schreiben als Laura.
Deswegen einfach als Kopie:



„Singles Club“ at Theater Rampe in Stuttgart isn’t about people without a partner but about shiny, black vinyl discs with a diameter of 7 inches.

It’s a concert with a bonus for the audience… they receive a vinyl single recorded specially by the band performing.

Being vinyl lovers ourselves we were of course more than happy to partake in such an event.

So, a single was produced:


Just arrived in the post.


Layed out to dry after rubber stamping the info onto the sleeve.


The finished thing!

The concert itself was fantastic. We played with the full line up, – and we played really well, – which was lucky as the gig was recored and filmed.

The video is being edited at the moment, – you’ll be able to watch it soon. In the meantime here are a couple of stills: